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The Civil Partnership Bill

The Civil Partnership Bill The Civil Partnership Bill: A Legal Milestone for Long-Term Relationships in Ireland In recent years, Ireland has taken significant strides towards recognizing and protecting the rights of individuals in long-term relationships through the introduction of the Civil Partnership Bill.  It is imperative to shed light on the implications of this legislation […]

Marriage and what it means for you.

Marriage and what it means for you. Marriage, a cornerstone of societal structure and personal commitment, carries significant legal implications for couples in Ireland. As an Irish solicitor, it is imperative to illuminate the multifaceted aspects of marriage, ranging from financial considerations and property rights to the nuanced landscape of family law. This comprehensive exploration […]

Section 32 Reports – Access, Guardianship and Custody

section 32 report, Section 32 Reports

  Section 32 Reports – Access, guardianship, and custody Family law in Ireland is a complex yet crucial aspect of the legal system that governsrelationships and responsibilities within families. When it comes to issues concerningchildren, understanding the concepts of access, guardianship, and custody becomesparamount. In this blog post, we’ll delve into these legal terms to […]