Intermediary Service

Familia offer an intermediary service to parents who struggle to agree on access and custody. We create a whatsapp group with both parents/guardians, and our team act as the mediator. Parents can communicate respectfully and safely through our closed Whatsapp Group and any abusive, controlling or nasty messages are removed by us to encourage parents to communicate in a respectful manner.
We can also receive one email per week, per parent. We then screen the email and ensure that the content is respectful and informative.  We send the email to the other party and we monitor the reply. 
We believe this service is essential to creating respectful relations between parents to then ensure the very best outcomes for their children. It prevents angry parents from lashing out or being abusive in their communications with one another and it means that someone impartial is monitoring the messages on behalf of the Courts.
To register for this service please fill in the following form. The fee per parent is 25 euro per month.