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What is a Section 32 Assessor and why do we need one?

What is a section 32 assessor?

section 32 assessor

You may have been told that your family needs to undergo a section 32 report or section 47 report. So, what is that exactly?

Sometimes when a family is in the process of separation or marriage has broken down, the Court needs to understand what is in the best interests of the child or children with regard to where they should live or how much time they should spend with each parent. In its simplest form, a section 32 A report is an opportunity for a court-appointed assessor to meet with each member of your family, perhaps more than once, to find out what needs your family has and in particular, what needs the children have. The assessor will then include in their report recommendations and suggestions as to how best to meet the needs they have identified. This report is then given to the Judge who may or may not use the recommendations suggested by the assessor.

A section 47 report is almost the same but with a few minor differences. The assessor may spend more time with your family in a variety of different scenarios to get a better perspective on your needs.

The ‘voice of the child’ is a shorter type of report than an A report. It is normally referred to as a ‘B’ report. Here the assessor will meet with the child or children but will not necessarily spend a great deal of time with other members of the family. Only certain professionals are seen as qualified to write section 32 B reports such as teachers. Kieran Mc Tigue conducts all our section 32 B reports as he meets the criteria as laid out by the ‘Guardianship of Infants Act.

Why choose Familia to conduct your report?

One of the greatest drawbacks for a family going through the court report process is the feeling of not being fully listened to, because for whatever reason the assessor has taken a dislike to one or other of the parents. This then completely undermines the effectiveness of the interventions or recommendations made in the report.

However, when Familia is appointed to write the section 32 reports or section 47 reports, in most cases, both David and Liz will each meet the family and make their own individual assessments. They then collaborate with one another, share their ideas and thoughts to co-create the report ensuring that it is both accurate, balanced, and fair. We charge the same fees for our reports as other assessors charge, but in most cases, we do twice as much work to ensure the very best outcomes for all members of your family.

Familia also specializes in Child Attachment reports. If you have found yourself cut off from your children by your ex-partner, and you have no idea why then you can request a ‘CA’ report from us. We will then make contact with your ex-partner through their solicitor and invite him or her, and your child, to a consultation with us. We will interview your children alone to determine if they have a loving relationship with you and to help us understand the impact on them of being cut off from you. If we determine that your children have a pre-existing loving relationship with you and they are also being harmed by being cut off from you, we will write a report (which you can give to your solicitor) to lodge in Court while you await the outcome of any other reports that have been requested by the Courts.

Please note you do not need a Court Order for this report. Please contact us for more information at